On January 19, 2017, XV SGAE Film Sound and Music workshop short films were projected. In my case, I composed the music for La Dama y la Muerte, directed by Javier Recio.

It is purely orchestral music that adapts to the carefree character with which the short film tackles a serious subject : dying freely.

La dama y la muerte

The music is composed using leitmotivs that are associated with characters (voice = the lady, clarinet = husband, oboe = doctor, etc.) as well as certain emotional moods, such as the piano in the grave register that represents the determination towards death or the harp harmonics that symbolize a "thread" of life (or life in a thread).

The use of harmonies by fourths (4th = life, 4th tritone = death) and the attractive and original game of orchestral colors (frullati, mutes ...), bring even more symbolism to the soundtrack that runs alongside the images in a kind of parallel narration. Calls between the voice and the clarinet that pass through different moods / colors from the very beginning until its resolution at the end of the credits, army as a fanfare of metals associated with the battle that the doctor and death maintain and many other sound details that adapt to the great narrative driving that characterizes the film.

except of the original score by Alicia Reyes


TechnoBird by Pipe Cámara

Flyctus by Pipe Cámara