I am a Spanish composer and conductor, trained at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, where I studied Piano, Orchestral Conducting, and Composition with Antón García Abril, Román Alís (orchestration), and Zulema de la Cruz (electroacoustic music). I balanced my musical training with a master degree in Chemical Sciences from the University of Alcalá de Henares and a master degree in History and Sciences of Music (Musicology) from the University of La Rioja. My professional career as a composer and conductor began while I postgraduated with Horacio Vaggione in Granular Synthesis (CDMC, Center for the Dissemination of Contemporary Music) and Conducting and Composition of Contemporary Music (University of Alcalá de Henares). After studying in America and Europe, I began to incorporate other styles such as pop, rock, world music, and electronics. I completed a Master's in Orchestration for Film and TV at Berklee University (Boston) and a Master's in Composition with new technologies at the International University of La Rioja. Subsequently, I started searching for a more personal style through a series of works for multimedia. Since then, my works have been premiered both in Europe and America.

               I love experimenting and shaping sound. My style can be described as a deliberate approach to various emotional states. Straddling simple minimalism and complex contrapuntal networks, my distinctive sound designs (both synthetic and purely orchestral) demonstrate my ability to blend the acoustic and electronic.

               I belong to the third generation of a family of photographers. Light and the expression of emotions through it is another one of my passions. I do not photograph what I see but what I feel, creating impactful and conceptually rich images.

            As an orchestra conductor, I secured a position through competitive examination in the Community of Madrid. Currently, I hold the position of Orchestra Conductor at the CIEM Federico Moreno Torroba in Madrid.