The world has seen many architectural projection mapping shows, and even some face projection mapping videos. But a real-time projection mapping over a human breathing face, seen live, before your eyes, with a string quartet on stage accompanied with electronics is a completely different experience.

Sephora contacted Wildbytes to design the biggest launch in the history of Sephora Spain to promote Kat Von D Beauty and I was selected to compose the soundtrack.

Kat von D's live face projection mapping by Wildbytes

Projected visual effects and digital makeup transformed the face of celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D before a crowded audience while listening to live electro-acoustic music.

The musical journey follows the makeup transformations from dreamlike to epic. A passage with flamenco palms and gypsy drawer appears as a Spanish nod within the composition.

Music credits

Carlos Cámara (violín) - Emilio Marabella (violín) - Rocío López (cello) - Rafael Martínez (cello) - Alicia Reyes (composer)